My story

My name is Dorelys Smits, I was born in Brussels, in the hearth of Belgium in 1992. My first experiences as an artist was when around 5 years old and my mother let me use her art supplies (She is a abstract painter) and I immediately fell in love with creating art!In my teenage years I had many influences from DeviantArt, where I also started to share my creations. It was here that I realized that I wanted to pursue my career in this field. I am mainly self-taught, but I also had great learning experiences when followed some art classes in high school where I studied Graphic Design. I am still learning through trial and error. Always improving myself and learn from the best!Throughout the years I expanded on my knowledge and discovered new ways of creating. Painting with watercolors, gouache and alcohol markers. Next to the traditional way of creating art, I also create digital art with my trusty Huion drawing tablet.As you can maybe tell by looking at my portfolio, I don't have an art style because I like to switch it up sometimes. :) But as for what I draw, are mostly fantasy characters, cute cartoons, fauna & flora and lots of cats!Thank you for visiting my website!If you feel like chatting, hit me up at instagram @adoris.arts

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